Snapshot Management Made Easy

Schedule VM Backups with a calendar. Set Retention Dates. Recover Data in Seconds.

Available for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud

Same Technology, Smaller Price

Be confident you're using AWS, Azure or Google Cloud snapshot generation technology with the ease of management from VMPower's backup automation engine. Avoid a per-instance fee to backup each of your instances (for example, Azure Backup) saving your team budget to be used for more valuable resources.

Multi-cloud VM Group

Indexed Backups

Stop wasting time scripting mundane automation tasks when you can visually manage snapshots, find backups by VM & disk, and restore VM data in seconds.

With VMPower backup indexing, you and your team can quickly find point-in-time backups regardless of how many VMs and backups you have.

Automatic Expiration

Manage backup storage cost by limiting the life of a backup, preventing overruns in the cost of backup data.

At the same time, ensure data compliance by storing exactly what you need and nothing you don't.

Multi-cloud VM Group

Share Backups with Teams

Allow organizations within your company to control their own backup schedules by delegating access to them through Teams. Team members can manually or automatically backup and restore self-expiring backups for any subset of VMs within your subscription.

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